Male-Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Male-Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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In Male-Erectile dysfunction there are actually three different types. One where the penis cannot get or maintain an erection; ejaculatory, wherein the man is not able to ejaculate and a lessened libido, wherein a man just doesn't want to indulge in sex. There are different causes and treatments for each of these types, however, most cases of male-erectile dysfunction are treated with similar protocols, at least at the initial stage.

Symptoms of Male-Erectile Dysfunction

Irrespective of any form of male-erectile dysfunction, most experts blame the mental, emotional and physical causes. The most obvious symptoms that experts point to are an inability to get an erection, lack of desire for one's partner or sex as a whole or having trouble ejaculating or enjoying sex. Men are considered to be sexually incompetent if they are unable to get or keep an erection more than 75% of the time.

Diagnosis of Male-Erectile Dysfunction

Male-erectile dysfunction comprises of evaluation prior to starting the treatment, where your health care professional or sexologist as he is better known tries to find out the underlying causes. Every case has slight differences based upon symptomatology duration and the lifestyle of the individual patient. Depression, drug, smoking, alcohol use and unresolved issues in sexual relationship are some of the causes of male-erectile dysfunction. Depending on the way these precipitating factors present, the doctor will take tests to either confirm or abandon possible problems.

Cardiovascular problems and prostate cancer are two of the biggest concerns for which the doctor will check first. These checkups help in ruling out physiological problems and make sure that the potentially deadly diseases are detected at the earliest. Once these get ruled out, the health care professional will examine other probable causes in conjunction with your medical history and the results of physical examination.

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